Lexilogy-English is an innovative, effective, easy to understand and convenient to use online intervention program for poor readers and spellers. Lexilogy is the result of decades of research into the decision-making processes involved in reading and spelling and the difficulties that can be experienced by children and adults in this learning process.

Lexilogy is an innovative on-line method for achieving proficiency in reading and spelling.

Why online?

Between 3% and 7% of primary school children are poor readers and spellers and the very high costs of individual sessions with a therapist has created an urgent need for an online platform. Lexilogy was therefore designed for online use without assistance from a tutor, providing an affordable opportunity for schools but also for individuals who speak English but experience difficulties in reading and spelling to tackle their problems.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, at a low cost: an online reading and spelling training.

For whom?

For schools: The Lexilogy intervention program is applicable in a school setting. Schools can purchase group subscriptions with a special designed teacher admin on which the progress of each student can be observed.

For individuals: The Lexilogy intervention program is also suitable for individual basis. Through a personal login the student can easily do by him/her self at home the Lexilogy program.


Lexilogy preliminary research results show substantial effects on both reading and spelling skills both for native speakers as well as for second language learners. Students show an average of 33% of improvement on reading and spelling skills.