Two intervention courses are available.

Lexilogy 1             

An intervention program suitable for children facing difficulties in the process of beginning reading and spelling education.

Lexilogy 2             

An intervention suitable for children facing difficulties in the process of advanced reading and spelling education.

Lexilogy 1
Intervention course for beginning reading and spelling

Lexilogy 1 focuses on the basic sound-symbol correspondence in English. Acquisition of basic phonological awareness being the objective, all irregularities in sound-symbol correspondence are excluded. The key learning aid in this process is our interactive Lexilogy sound-board. Sound-symbol correspondences on this board are one-to-one and remain completely transparent.

Progressing through Lexilogy 1, obtaining basic phonological awareness, the student learns to separate, blend, segment and manipulate the individual sounds in transparent 1-syllable words (e.g. hit, box, bed) and 2 or 3 consonant cluster words. (e.g. blend, frost, strip)

Ignoring irregularities initially, allows faster development of the necessary basic phonological awareness. Aided by ‘flash word’ modules the student quickly experiences satisfaction in correctly writing transparent 1-syllable words and reading them at sufficient speed. Students soon feel in charge of the procedure and the acquired phonological processing skills form a solid foundation for confronting the many irregularities in English sound-symbol correspondence encountered subsequently during the Lexilogy 2 course.

Lexilogy 1 enables students to quickly internalize basic phonological awareness of the English language.



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How it works

Lexilogy 1 consists of strictly ordered exercises accompanied by clear and simple vocal instructions. Students can do the exercises without assistance from a tutor. When further assistance is required, simply pushing the button “show me” will produce a solution and encouragement to continue. Gradually, basic skills necessary for handling 1-syllable words with different kinds of consonant clusters are achieved.

Lexilogy 1 contains 11 blocks, consisting of several lessons taking approximately 30 minutes each to complete. Lessons conclude with a small test. A special flash-word reading module complements this course.

Spending 20/25 minutes a day, 3 times a week, this course will take about 8/10 weeks to complete. The total duration of access when Lexilogy 1 is purchased by individuals is 3 months.

Lexilogy 2
Intervention course for advanced reading and spelling

Lexilogy 2 focuses on reading and spelling of:

1-syllable similar sound words   

With the similar sound words course students learn to distinguish between regular and irregular spelled words. E.g.: bed (regular) and deaf - said (irregular), have the same middle sound, but each with a different spelling, except for the word ‘bed’, the correct spelling of ‘deaf’ and ‘said’ cannot be derived from the basic sound-symbol correspondence covered in Lexilogy 1. This complicates not only the process to learn how to spell these words, but also how to read them.

Obtaining reading and spelling skills concerning irregularities demand a specific word learning process. This process is facilitated by presenting them in a transparently organized way. The words in this similar sound course are subdivided in "short vowel” and "long vowel" sound groups and each exercise contains only those words that belong to the specific spelling difficulty that is introduced.

Complex word structure in English

The understanding of complex word structures, the so called morphological awareness refers to the ability to recognize and manipulate the morphemic structure of words. The lesson-flow offers playful interface interactions teaching students to identify and use, among others, prefixes and suffixes, to build words by blending separate building blocks and to learn about assimilation effects and etymology. Simultaneously Lexilogy 2 increases reading speed by means of an advanced ‘flash word module’, highlighting the morpheme structure of the words.

After completing this course, students are capable of effectively negotiating all obstacles encountered during reading, writing and spelling; irrespective of whether the root problem was learning difficulty (dyslexia), inexperience or both.

Lexilogy 2 enables students to achieve proficiency in reading and spelling.



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How it works

Lexilogy 2 starts off with a short course of basic phonological awareness, a summary of 3 lessons of the Lexilogy 1 intervention course. Spending 20/25 minutes a day, 3 times a week, this summary course will take about 2 weeks. 

The next lesson flow concerns similar sound words and consists of flash word reading tasks through which the student becomes acquainted with the different spellings used for similar sound group words and simultaneously works on speed and accuracy of reading. Through a writing tasks and tests these similar sound words are memorized and the student obtains proficiency in spelling these hard to spell sight words. Spending 20/25 minutes a day, 3 times a week, the similar sound word lessons will take about 7 weeks. 

Lexilogy 2 concludes with a morphological awareness training. The 30 lesson blocks concern complex word structure together with 15 flash-word reading modules, respectively. Each lesson block takes about 20 minutes and contains a large number of exercises with one or more tests at the end. Spending 20/25 minutes a day, 3 times a week, (20 minutes on the lesson blocks plus 5 minutes on the reading tasks), this course will take about 11 weeks. 

The Lexilogy 2 intervention course will take about 20 weeks to complete. The total duration of access when Lexilogy 2 is purchased by individuals is 6 months.