Lexilogy in school

Lexilogy is ideally suited to give teachers the additional tools they need to support children with reading and spelling difficulties. The courses are also particularly effective in helping students in international schools to fast-track their language development.

Schools can purchase an annual subscription to the Lexilogy Platform accompanied by a supervision monitoring page providing access to login frequencies, test results and information on the progress of each student.



Lexilogy at home

Whether your child simply struggles to develop a love of reading, has a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, or studies at an English-speaking school when this is not their native language, you will want to provide your child with additional support to help them progress. Lexilogy is ideally suited to giving parents these additional tools they need to support their children with their reading and spelling difficulties. The learning is provided in short (30 minutes, three times per week) well researched step-by-step lessons, giving them the skills and confidence to thrive.

Parents can purchase a subscription to Lexi-PREP ,  Lexi-BASIC or Lexi-PRO

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