Frequently Asked Questions

The exercises that have been designed for every stage 1, 2 and 3 are indeed easy. The lack of difficulty often confuses people who then assume that the chosen level is not suitable for them. However, Lexilogy is not a method of spelling exercises. It is a language awareness training that aims at creating new pathways in the cognitive decision processing concerning reading and spelling.

Each course contains words that have been carefully selected for their instructive value, while the rate and repetition of the lesson flow gradually increases the necessary awareness.
Knowledge is therefore first strengthened (by exercises) and subsequently becomes intrinsic. This intrinsic awareness offers the solution to dealing with any difficulty in reading and spelling. When the student has acquired a high level of phonological and morphological awareness, he is then in the position to face any word.

If a child, an adolescent or adult has reached an acceptable level of phonemic awareness (letter-sound correspondence knowledge) but is still facing difficulties with orthography and reading comprehension, then the Lexilogy Intervention Program is the correct course to start with. The Lexilogy Intervention Program starts off with a basic phonological awareness course.

Poor readers and spellers in general benefit from phonological and morphological awareness training even if they reached secondary school. As far as secondary school students and adults are concerned, in addition to creating new pathways for their reading and spelling decision processes, the difficult task of erasing old and erroneous ones must also be dealt with. This requires an intensive program with precisely the right lesson flow, the correct choice of words and the required repetition.

The structure of every course is exceptionally simple and comprehensible, while the repetition that characterises each course usually resolves questions by it self. However the Lexilogy team is ready to answer any question so that anyone can autonomously enjoy the learning process.