The Lexilogy programs

Lexilogy Phonics is designed for pre-school and early primary school students struggling with developing an understanding of letter-sound correspondence; the first step in reading and spelling skills (pre-school and first grade/Year 2 in the UK).

Lexilogy Advanced supports students struggling to develop their early and advanced reading and spelling skills (second grade and above/Year 3 in the UK).

Lexilogy Phonics

Many students struggle with their letter-sound skills; either because they have a low phonemic awareness or because English is a second language.

Lexilogy Phonics provides carefully structured, step-by-step exercises to help them to develop the basic foundations of phonemic awareness

As the students progress through the carefully structured steps of Lexilogy Phonics, they will learn to blend, segment and manipulate the individual sounds in one-syllable words (e.g. hit, box, bed) and two or three consonant cluster words (e.g. blend, frost, strip).

A series of carefully designed word flash-cards complement the learning.

Students quickly experience success in correctly writing their first words and reading them at sufficient speed. Step-by-step, they are motivated to continue towards the more complex words.



The 11 stages or 'blocks' of Lexilogy Phonics all consist of several lessons. Each lesson should take the student approximately 30 minutes to complete. At a recommended rate of three lessons a week, the Lexilogy Phonic course will take three to four months to complete. Every block concludes with a short test to assess progress.

Once the foundations of reading and spelling have been developed students will be ready to move onto Lexilogy Advanced.

Lexilogy Advanced

Lexilogy Advanced provides step-by-step development of beginning and advanced reading and spelling skills. The program starts with lessons in phonological awareness. Students are gradually guided from transparent one-syllable words (e.g. shrimp and switch), to more difficult words (e.g. knee and trick) ending with similar sounding words, (e.g. deaf and said - nail and scale).

After completing the phonological awareness course the students move on to the morphological awareness course, which guides them through an understanding of more complex words.

The lesson-flow offers game based interactions which teach students to identify and use prefixes and suffixes, build words by blending separate building blocks and learn about assimilation effects and etymology. This part of the Lexilogy learning is ideal for addressing complex word constructions. As the student moves through each lesson block reading speed increases.


Whether the student had reading difficulties or English is their second language, they will now be capable of effectively negotiating all obstacles encountered during reading, writing and spelling.

Lexilogy Advanced provides carefully structured, step-by-step exercises to help students develop phonological and morphological awareness.

Lexilogy Advanced offers a total of 136 lesson blocks. Students can move forward at their own pace and are free to repeat lessons if they feel they need to. One 30 minutes session a day, three times a week is recommended. On average Lexilogy Advanced will take six to eight months to complete.